Sweet 16!

Abigail’s first photo taken the morning of March 9, 2005

About 3 hours later, the doctor came to me, teary eyed, shocked that the 3rd time was the charm. We saw for the first time the fight in our Gigi.

To go through every detail of the next four months would require a novel. Basically every chapter in prematurity and what things could go wrong happened with Abigail. The first blow came a week after Abigail was born. Abigail got a helicopter ride to the larger NICU in Ft. Worth because of a perforated intestines. At the end of that night, the doctors were advising us to pull the machines.

Abigail shortly after her first intestinal surgery
Abigail at about 9 months old
Abigail with her oldest brother, Hunter
Abigail — Christmas 2020

“This miracle God gave to me; Gives me strength when I am weak; I find reason to believe; In my daughter’s eyes”.

I often hesitate to call Gigi, our miracle baby. I say that not because she isn’t a miracle, because she is. Instead, she reminds me that all children (and for that matter all of us) are miracles. Gigi surviving and becoming her own person is a miracle, but truthfully, the fact that so many children are born normally everyday is the true miracle. So please wish Abigail/Gigi, a super happy FIFTEENTH birthday today, and blow her a big happy birthday kiss… Thanks for listening and Happy Birthday to Gigi!!!!


at least the ones I can find ;)



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